How to return to work after the decree

Let's talk about what needs to be done to make a career after maternity leave start easily and successfully. Many women want to combine family and career, especially when the baby has already grown up and needs to return to the profession. How to start a career after maternity leave and how to return to work after the decree?During maternity leave, business and professional skills are lost, and because of this, self-confidence often decreases, self-esteem decreases. About 30% of women admit that they get real stress during this period. How to make going to work after the decree easy, how to quickly return to the previous professional form? How to raise self-esteem? Very often you can hear complaints from women that during the year spent at home with a child, she is very far behind her colleagues, does not have time to do anything, the boss is angry…If you are in the same situation, use our tips.Skills and abilities revision plan Produce an audit of your skills and abilities and write it down in a table like this:- What do I know and remember?- What do you need to learn?After analyzing the results of the audit, you will realize that you can and remember a lot. But you still lack something to a high professional level. Therefore, make a simple step-by-step plan, acting on which you will catch up in a short time.The plan of revision of relations in the collectivepanalyze the level of relations in the team: with colleagues, with the boss, with clients. Write the result in another table:- What is happening in the relationship now?- What should be the relationship:- with colleagues;- with the boss;- with clients.- How to change the relationship?Having found out for yourself what is happening now in the team and what should ideally be, make a plan that you will follow so that the relationship becomes the way you want.Proceed according to the plan Now you need to tune in to work. Determine for yourself what is the value of your work? Build a plan for the possible development of your career in the future.But before you get to work, you need to understand that life is more than work, and you should not dwell on failures, especially not to bring a bad mood into the family.Inhale and exhale, relax and just do what you have planned. Going to work is only an episode in life, but it is important and responsible. You can use this period in different ways - go back to your old workplace, change your company, or you can start your own business. Bortsett fra den grunnleggende kontaktinformasjonen, vil du kanskje også vurdere å bruke håndtakene dine for sosiale medier - så lenge de er relevante. For alle andre sosiale medier kan du vurdere hvordan de gjenspeiler arbeidet ditt